What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Your skin won't absorb hyaluronic acide any more that a dry leaf will absorb water on its surfaceHyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycan are names you may have seen on skin care product labels or in supplements. But other than looking like really big technical words, what are they? And why would we need them? Well hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycan are actually the same thing – a naturally occurring substance in your body that provides moisture and lubrication.  

Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA or HLA, can be found in the connective tissues in our joints, in our eyes, in our blood vessels and in the dermal, or middle layer of our skin. It’s part of the network of collagen fibers and elastin in our skin that allow it to remain flexible and hydrated. In addition, they help your skin to heal and maintain its healthy look and feel. Hyaluronic acid also helps trigger the growth of new collagen fibers in our skin, contributing to its youthful appearance.

Did you take your vitamin C today?

A lot of people take vitamin C as part of a daily vitamin routine.  Some people take vitamin C to either ward off or to treat a cold.  Vitamin C can increase resistance to viral and bacterial infections, and some allergies.  While the medical jury is still deciding if taking vitamin C is really beneficial to treating the common cold, it is a necessary vitamin for normal growth and development.  Vitamin C is al

Dermaroller ® a big hit at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference

Medical Dermaroller demonstartion for anti-aging treatmentThousands of physicians and medical professionals attended the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Annual World Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in early December. High praise was given to the Original German Dermaroller ® from medical professionals representing internal medicine, family practice, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, emergency medicine and dermatology. We were thrilled to be able to participate, demonstrate and train so many medical professionals on the use and benefits of micro-needling with the Original German Dermaroller for anti-aging treatment.

Many attended our invitation-only event to educate and train physicians on the Medizinisch Nadel Technik™ (Medical Needling Technique) developed by Dermaroller for anti-aging treatment and acne scar removal. This advanced training session provided a hands-on opportunity for trained physicians to learn additional techniques to proved quicker and better results for their patients.

We also held an open presentation that was attended by over 200 physicians on how to intergrate the Original German Medical Dermaroller with stem-cell derived factors. Robert Seik, Pharm,D, Cynergy’s Director of Transdermal Delivery Education & Research, under the supervision of Dr. Gan-Lin, MD of Las Vegas, led the presentation and provided training to the attendees.

Can Retin-A gel and the Dermaroller® be used safely?